Why I Do What I Do and For Whom

Why I Do What I Do and For Whom

This is my first blog for my newly rebranded company, Gelman Historical Research. So let me inform you why I do what I do... and for who. To begin with, I believe that the greatest assets for any business or organization in the world is TIME and INFORMATION. However, let's look at the second asset first. As a historical researcher, nothing gets me more excited than providing information that is completely accurate, absolutely timely and is totally applicable to the needs of my clients and users. I want my clients and users to be 100% satisfied. If they are not 100% satisfied, I want them to know why. If it does not solve a problem for them or eliminate a situation that is causing them hardship, then I am not doing my job. I want my clients to not only be optimally excited about the information but equally excited that this information will meet their needs and applied successfully to whatever challenges that they are facing. But I need to comment about why I offer historical research services. To me, history is a lot more than just names, dates and events. History allows us to frame movements, perspectives and directions in a very precise way to plan for the future by examining the present from working into the past. When such precision is applied, one has a tool or a variety of tools that one can use to support a case, solve a crisis or just a problem; incorporate historical knowledge into a comprehensive plan or simply have a record to reflect on and share with others. What separates my enterprise from other historical research firms "in the pack" is that i combine solid library and information science practice with painstaking historical techniques/analysis. My goal is to give you optimal quality information in the timeliest fashion in the form that you need it. That is my promise to you.

Thanks for Reading!

Michael H. Gelman


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