Why Use Gelman?

Why should you contact Gelman Historical Research Services? Gelman Historical Research Services combines over 30 yrs. of historic preservation, library science, non-profit management, as well as, records management, to provide you with a wide range of information-based deliverable's to meet your needs.

Historic Research

AT Gelman Historical Research we gather, analyze and evaluate historical information obtained from libraries and archives to provide accurate, as well as, timely reports.

Library Organization

At Gelman Historical Research we can set up a library or information center for your company or business and implement needed systems for operation such as cataloging and collection and development.

Custom House Histories

We can present you with a customized report on your historic property with detailed information on deeds-titles, building construction, architectural style, etc. Makes a great gift for old house owners and realtors.

Heritage Tour Design

We can do an analysis of your area's notable architectural and landscape landmarks and create a tour that will not only honor your community's history but increase visitors.

Prospect Research & Grants

We can search the most appropriate donors that are likely to fund your projects as well as author the grants to support them.

Litigation Support

We can help Law firms that require historical research background information for current cases they are working.

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Gelman Releases New Website

Gelman Historical Research is pleased to present our new website! Our new website is a Bootsrap 4 Creation designed & developed in conjunction with Clevinger & Co. This mobile responsive website will insure that all visitors, regardless of device, have an enjoyable, interactive experience!

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